Discover Aberdeenshire's Castle Country

Aberdeenshire's Inspirational Coastline

Golden sandy Aberdeenshire beachThe magnificence of Aberdeenshire’s coastline is a well kept secret. Sssh don’t tell anyone ! And when you visit you may just be able to enjoy walks along isolated beaches and fantastic birdwatching where no-one else can scare the birds away! There’s a certain magic to being by the coast here. From the raging seas which swell and crash hard across the sheer dramatic cliffs at the Bullers of Buchan to the legends of smugglers in the coves next to Slains Castle, to the long stretches of sandy beach backed by sand dunes, you can feel a certain oneness with nature here, the sheer force of it and a certain spirituality, which may even take you by surprise. The force of nature is really quite magnificent in this remote area of Scotland and has to be seen to be believed.

Find out about local legends and the history of local areas on your travels, and the magic of the Aberdeenshire coastline can be amplified. The fishing villages in Aberdeenshire are well worth a visit and each has its own unique charm and many have beaches there too!

You’re a million miles here it seems from the crowded beaches of typical tourist resorts.  Here the only sounds you’re likely to hear whilst walking along isolated beaches are the shrieking cries of the gulls and the murmur of the wind. Some of the gulls here are huge and some locals even worry about their cats being attacked by them because of their size! You may come across a dog walker or two whilst exploring the beaches of Aberdeenshire but even in high season, there are plenty of places where you can walk and walk and not see a soul.

So what are you waiting for? Delve in and discover: