Discover Aberdeenshire's Castle Country

Discover Scotland's Castle Country

Scotland's Castle Country, what is it all about? If you haven’t visited Scotland’s wonderful Castle Country before then let us inspire you on what this fascinating area of Aberdeenshire has to offer.


Introducing Scotland's Castle Country, also known as Scotland's Castle Trail

Scotland's Castle Country is an area in the North East of Scotland in Aberdeenshire, rich in castles and magnificent historical tower houses and ruins.  A must for history buffs, Scotland's Castle Country will also appeal to those who love discovering unspoilt places, as it's set in a soulful enchanting part of Aberdeenshire which covers coast and countryside and extends in to some parts of the Cairngorms National Park.

Named ‘Scotland’s Castle Country’, this area has earned this prestigious title by virtue of the large number of historical castles to be found in this magnificent part of Scotland.


Why Visit Scotland's Castle Country?

For those who love history and the magic of castles, Aberdeenshire’s Castle Country is an absolute dream. Visit these amazing castellated historic houses with their turrets and towers where legend and stories whisper and call to you.

The charms of this area though are by no means limited to these fantastic historical buildings. Unspoilt rural landscapes, mountains, the magnificent Cairngorms National Park and the stunning Aberdeenshire coastline with its sheer cliffs, sandy beaches, pretty fishing villages, myth and legend all await you in this magnificent part of Aberdeenshire.

Each unique castle has its own story and we've tried to stay true to that on this site. If you have your own views about any of the castles let us know, we love to hear local opinion on castles in Aberdeenshire.