Discover Aberdeenshire's Castle Country

Newburgh Beach

A stunning location for a hidden little club. Great food a friendly to visitors. Pop on if you're a golfer or not. The walks around the shore and course won't disappoint and the bar food is great too.

Newburgh Beach is a beautiful place as well as being fun for kids. There are two routes. one way is along the shore where you can build sand castles and climb a very big dune for the very great pleasure of running down it. From that route you can see the seals just across the water. they like watching dogs, so if you have one they'll cluster around it in the water to watch it. also along this route are what we call the castles, big jagged rocks that were put there in world war II to wreck German boats (they never came). the second route is mostly on a board walk, so it's a great place to come running or walking your dog without getting sand in your shoes. it ends with a bench with an amazing view. if you were to walk on you'd find a collection of pools and a shelter that soldiers would hide in, waiting with loaded guns.