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Haddo House

A National Trust for Scotland protected building, Haddo House near Ellon is a fine historic building in Aberdeenshire in the North East of Scotland. Not a castle as such, Haddo House is more like a grand country house, but it deserves a mention all the same on account of its grandeur. For those who want to see a magnificent historic building that has been lovingly maintained, a trip to Haddo House is a must. Inside are wonderful art collections, a beautiful interior and rooms with elaborate ceiling decorations. See a historic Scottish building where you can get a real feel for how things were in the property’s heyday.

The History of Haddo House

Built in 1735 at the request of the 2nd Earl of Aberdeen, such is the size and grandeur of this property that it is interesting that it was built in more of a country house style (more typically associated with England than Scotland) rather than as a castle with turrets and towers. Perhaps it says something about the family who built this property wanting to stand out from Lairds (pure speculation on my part) but it’s fascinating nonetheless that they decided to opt for a style of property more commonly associated with English aristocracy than a Scottish castle complete with turrets.

Said to be of Palladian style, Haddo House is extensive and impressive and set in beautifully landscaped grounds, which have now become Haddo Country Park.

In terms of the history of the building, a Chapel was added in 1881, making this a truly extensive development and there was a fire in around 1930 which resulted in some damage to the south wing.

Since 1979, the property has been under the ownership and protection of the National Trust for Scotland who do a superb job at preserving and promoting fascinating historic buildings.

The family associated with Haddo House is the Gordon family who have lived in or near to the estate since the 1460s, how’s that for a rich family history?

Ghosts at Haddo House

Haddo House is reported to be haunted with people staying in the house having reported spooky happenings including seeing a ghost called ‘Archie’ (said to be the ghost of Lord Archibald Gordon who died in the early 1900s), at the foot of the bed. Other spooky goings on include staff finding articles having moved from where they were originally without explanation and hearing footsteps on the floor above when no one was there. Spooky!

The grounds of Haddo Country Park and the formal terrace garden are open year round.

To see the inside of the house you have to book a guided tour with the National Trust for Scotland (which are available on set dates between the end of March to the end of September). To avoid disappointment it’s recommended that you book on a tour in advance where possible.

Haddo House Address:

Haddo House
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