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Fabulous Fyvie Castle

Fyvie, One of Scotland's Finest Castles

For a castle with the wow factor head to Fyvie Castle near Fyvie in Aberdeenshire. This enormous castle with its pink hue is absolutely sprawling and set in stunning landscaped gardens, complete with loch! Well preserved, the interior equals the exterior and is bound to impress with its lavish styling, elaborate ceilings, wood panelled walls and fascinating collection of armour, tapestries and art work. In summer time the castle looks like a magnificent jewel sparkling in the sun, whereas in winter time an air of mystique shrouds the castle.

Fyvie Castle, a Five Star Rated Attraction

Fyvie Castle, Turiff AberdeenshireFyvie Castle is indeed a real gem! So impressive is Fyvie Casle that it has been awarded the much coveted 5 Star Rating by Visit Scotland. How’s that for a glittering award? On arrival at Fyvie Castle, it will be clear that this is a spectacular place. Visit and you’ll be in good company as Robert the Bruce, Edward I and Charles I have all visited this magnificent castle.

Who Lived at Fyvie Castle?

It should be no surprise that various high profile families have owned a castle as majestic as Fyvie.

Various families; Preston, Seton, Gordon, Forbes-Leith and Meldrum have called Fyvie Castle Home over the past 800 years. It is said that each family has made their mark on the castle with a new tower being added by each family during their time there.

It is believed that a basic wooden castle was in place on the site from around 1200 and the location was selected because it was protected by vast areas of marshland and close to the River Ythan.

Fyvie Castle’s Fascinating History

Up until around 1370 Fyvie Castle continued to be within the ownership of the monarch of Scotland, and it was then passed on to the Earl of Carrick, also known as Robert the III. With battles ongoing between the Scottish and Irish during this time, it was not uncommon for Nobles to be captured and held for ransom. Such was the fate of the English knight Ralph de Percy who was captured and held captive. In 1390 Robert III bought the rights to the ransom for Ralph de Percy, and to pay for this Fyvie Castle was passed from Sir James Lindsay to Sir Henry Preston. The Prestons though didn’t actually get ownership of the castle until 1402!

Then in 1596 Fyvie Castle was sold to Sir Alexander Seton who in large part transformed it in to the grand building visitors see today. In the late 1600s the castle was confiscated as a crown property and was then purchased in 1733 by William Gordon, the 2nd Earl of Aberdeen, who set about transforming the gardens and establishing the loch you see today. The castle was once again sold in 1885 to Alexander Leigh (Lord Leith of Fyvie) who was not born a Lord but instead was a local boy done good who made his money in the steel business. In the 1980s the castle was again sold and bought by the National Trust for Scotland who do a sterling job of maintaining and protecting some of the best of Scotland’s historic gems.

Spooky Happenings at Fyvie Castle

With a rich and fascinating history it should be no surprise that Fyvie Castle is reputed to be haunted and not by just one ghost either! Fyvie Castle is reported to have a number of ghosts including the Grey Lady (otherwise known as Lady Meldrum) who died in the 13th century and was reportedly buried within the castle itself and later moved to the cemetery. Also reported to haunt the castle is Dane Lilias Drummond, the wife of Sir Alexander Seton, who having failed to provide any male heirs was reportedly discarded by her husband and left heartbroken. Some say she died of heartache after being passed over for another woman and that when her husband remarried heavy sighs could be heard outside the bedroom of the newly wed couple and that in the morning, Alexander found his dead wife’s name carved in to the stone.

Visiting Fyvie Castle

Location: Set in the scenic Aberdeenshire countryside, Fyvie Castle is located around 1.5 miles from Fyvie.

Opening Times: The gardens and grounds are open year round. The house, shop and tea rooms are open from the end of March to the end of October.

Entrance is free for National Trust members, a fee applies for non-members.

The castle boasts tea rooms, as well as beautiful walled gardens.


Fyvie Castle Address:

Fyvie Castle,
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